Ascent by Lc Building Consultants

ascent_logotypeAscent is Lc Building Consultant’s new and innovative Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) service. Robert Barnes, the firm’s Senior Building Surveyor, has gained his remote pilot qualification and obtained approval from the Civil Aviation Authority to fly a UAV (drone) on a commercial basis.

We believe that he is the first practising Chartered Building Surveyor in the UK to receive such approval.

Our clients use Ascent to accurately survey all building elevations in real time including areas where access would otherwise prove difficult or prohibitively expensive.

It can also be used for promotional videos and photography as well as for any other corporate requirement that demands an aerial capability.

Example briefs include:

  • Condition Surveys
  • Dilapidation Surveys
  • Roof Surveys
  • Defect Inspections
  • Marketing
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Specification compliance

The main benefits of using Ascent include:

  • Considerably reduced access costs
  • Main issues are instantly identified
  • Health & safety issues associated with people working at height are removed
  • Rapid deployment with minimal inconvenience

The cutting edge quad-copter, camera and gimbal system takes HD quality video at 60 frames per second which can then be converted into high quality stills.

Each Ascent flight is planned in advance and strictly adheres to the guidelines set out by the CAA, including rigorous pre-flight checks. Relevant notifications are also made to neighbourhoods where Ascent is being used.

CAA_logoClick here to view our 2016 CAA Approval Certificate

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