Building Survey

The Building Survey, previously known as a Structural Survey is the most detailed survey providing a full evaluation of the condition of the property.

The survey will provide a detailed description of the properties main elements and recommend the best course of action providing budget costs where repair work is required. It will also recommend if further investigation should be sought.

Unlike the Homebuyer Report, the Building Survey does not provide a valuation of the property.

Due to the detailed nature of the survey, it can take up to a day to undertake.

Here are some of the items commented on within the Building Survey which will include out buildings:

  • The brief history of the property including an assessment of any changes made to it.
  • The method of construction and materials used.
  • Condition of roof coverings and rain water goods.
  • Any dampness affecting the property.
  • An assessment of any structural movement and why it has occurred.
  • Condition of boundaries and fencing.
  • A description of the electrics, gas and water systems and type, age, and efficiency of heating system.